A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

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It is the Beauty which I have encoun­tered within you which my adora­tion yearns to be with throughout every hour of my exist­ence, for such was simply the only aspect of your­self which was really ever pres­ented to me at first. I would be longing for you regard­less of what I might have found to have been the outer mani­festa­tion of your being, even if I had come to realize that your divin­ity had been encased within the shell of a beast, too horrid for none but lepers or Saints to set eyes upon.

Yet, I have discovered instead, so long after the confirm­ation of the deepest of my affec­tions for this wonder­ful Spirit which resides within you, that you have been truly bestowed the Loveli­ness of a Goddess of Heaven, nothing less than the magni­fi­cent, grace­ful pres­ence so des­erv­ing to one who has held so much intan­gible power over me, trans­form­ing my every error and delu­sion in this life into nothing but a calm, auspic­ious motivat­ing influence, with the forti­tude to alter the vilest of all my former inclina­tions through even the faintest sound of your quiet, gentle voice speaking a few simple words to me.

While I long to spend every cherished moment with your inner being, not merely to speak of but to enter into prac­tice the highest ideals of what it would appear we have both been in search of for so long with another, I do so find your comeliness to be such an amulet for me, casting its spell over my Soul and sending me in my reverie through the portals of a state virtu­ally indi­sting­uish­able to a Bliss desc­ribed in any poem or Sutra one might choose.

I cannot conceal myself to you, My Friend, this is all becoming too much: I must open the gates to this Muse and allow you to bear witness to the splendour and majesty of what I hold and feel within my heart, within this poesy of my imagin­ation...

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Earth: Winter Grounds
Air: Spring Breeze
Fire: Summer Heat
Water: Autumn Mist
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