A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
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Earth: Winter Grounds


ou appear in my thoughts so often of late and I cannot help but think how unique you’ve become, how excep­tional it has all been in getting to know you. You are simply that rare kind of person one seldom meets in a lif­etime, that some never meet; the respect, the fond­ness and warmth that I feel seem to have become an affec­tion of mystical pro­portions, with a depth that reaches to the very core and breath of my Soul. For the first time in my life I no longer need to talk of what is possible, of what could be, for with you every thought that enters my mind as I pen these words is a song of praise, a cele­bration and a thanks­giving for what simply is, for what we already do share so joy­fully between us.

The moments we have spoken have been moments that I’ve very easily learned to look forward to with sparkling antici­pation, not only for my own self, but for the sake of both our selves and, in turn, for those around us, for those younger than us as well as those older, for all these gener­ations we now see before us, and all those that have and shall come after. I have looked upon them as a few hours where our greatest thoughts, dreams and dis­ap­point­ments could be shared without fear or risk, where all that I would be welcoming in return would be nothing less than an echo of everything that I had been trying to co-respond on with another for so long. Our talks have been so full of empathy and understanding, they’ve been such thought-provoking and spirited, if not actually helpful, even healing, conver­sations. I’ve gotten to know you and all your deepest cares and concerns so very quickly, and it has all been so very over­whelm­ing for me — I feel as though we have known each other since the moment we were both borne unto this world, if not, indeed, for all eternity.

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Earth: Winter Grounds
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