A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

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Were we lovers in a past life? I’ve wondered, for I cannot help but feel so naturally and gently at ease in your kind acquain­tance. With you I would aspire to the highest ideals of Philo­soph­ical, Spiritual and Romantic Love; I feel an affinity, a bond, a compassion that I’ve never felt with anyone else before. While we may not have had the time to share so much of our­selves as we have had with others in our lives, I still feel so much more intimate with you just speaking even as we do in our offing than I ever felt naked and crying, for joy or for sorrow, with any other who could now be seen as only a mere infat­uate of my past.

I think there is such a wonderful balance between us, in how we have both been able to give to, and receive from, each other: you are my Child and my Parent, my Student and my Teacher, a wounded Soul for me to nurture and comfort, and a solemn Guide to heal me and show the way. Before any of these I surely think of you first and fore­most as simply my Friend, but still I dis­covered so belat­edly as well how beautiful a Woman you are, and, forgive me, for in this sense, for in all these senses, for simply the way we have been together through this time, of course I would be so genu­inely attracted to you in what could only be such a rever­ently passion­ate way. I’m just so supremely at ease with you, completely snug in the comfort of your pillow, and it would all seem so simply natural to take our rela­tion­ship to end­lessly deeper, end­lessly higher, levels and plateaus as I can only surmise that we have as yet merely begun to see.

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