A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

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Wherever it is that this life might bring us, though, I think that I would prefer to take whatever happens between us slowly, to bathe in the delight that each and every moment is with you. With others it seemed always a struggle to main­tain my affec­tions — it was as though it were all a test to dis­cover how forgiv­ing my affec­tions could be! — but with you the true dif­fi­culty has been in trying not to fall head over heels into such an extra­ordi­nary state of what could only, truly be given no other appel­lation than that of Divine Love. I’m so much more than just beginning to simply adore the person that you are and every blessèd moment that we share, for in this very brief eternity that we have known each other I can only say that you have become my closest and most trusted confi­dante, my most comfort­ing ally in this world, truly the Dearest Friend that I might ever have dreamt I could be so gifted to have had, and still have, in this life.

You’ve triggered so many thoughts and aspir­ations which now arise within me that I never really pondered upon before, and in the process I have gone through every possible scenario with you over and over in what has now become such cease­less con­tem­plation. I’ve wondered what it could be to live with you, to perhaps even spend a life­time with you, and for the first time in my life I’ve wondered what it would be to not only make Love, to not only create and end­lessly re‑create such beauti­ful Love, but to pro­create within this Love as well. I still cannot help but feel how easy it could have been, how natural it would have felt, to have made love in so beauti­ful a way with you right then and there that last time we met with one another, as comfort­ably as though we had been making such easy passion between us all along for all of our years. It would have been so very sweet, if not so very inspiring, and if destiny had designed it to be a moment for the concep­tion of our own immaculate Creation, I just cannot imagine that I would have ever had any regrets.

— And, I can hasten only to say as well that it surely did not help in those last brief moments in which I saw you, that first real moment that I ever saw you after our having spoken so often only in such a distant — yet so very near — way, to finally have a moment in person with you that day that I went, now so forlornly, so very, very far away...

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