A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

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How can I begin to impart
the exquisiteness of my fancy
of all that it would be
to become
One With You?

Where could I find words
so worthy and precious
to describe our fusion
into such complete and divine
a Creation?

The Earth would tremble and quake
with the thunder of our desires,
and, like Siva and Parvati themselves,
the briefest coupling
of our embodied Spirits
would surely seem for us to last
a thousand glorious years,
through endless lifetimes and anon
into a celestial Eternity,
as the copious glistening pearls
aroused and effused by our fervid heat and fury
were hurled out,
strewn across the firmament
by the frenzy of
this cosmic Dance of Our Eros,
our cherished Offering and Pæan to Venus,
magically transforming
into a scintillating sprinkling in the twilight
and creating
a pristine myriad of crystals in the sky,
a dazzling mælstrom
of endless galaxies of stars
as no mortal eyes were ever blessed
to marvel upon before,
yet so timely in this belated last
for all the Universe to behold
in profession of
the Strength,
the Power,
the Everlasting Beauty of Our Love,
— for all but you and I —
solely in unattainable aspiration,
astonished reverence,
and awe...

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Earth: Winter Grounds
Air: Spring Breeze
Fire: Summer Heat
Water: Autumn Mist
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