A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

An Illusive Phantasm
of Friendship & Love

A memoir adapted from
the original correspondence

Ron Koster

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A letter for Friends & Lovers, not only for those who may be in search of a special friend or a kind, gentle lover, but also for those who may have felt the pain of loss of such a beloved one in their lives, and — perhaps especially — a letter to help celebrate along with those fortunate couples for whom such love and companion­ship has been so happily discovered.

This love letter, though fictional in present­ation and nature, is also genuinely auto­bio­graph­ical in remin­iscence and source. This is the true story, my story, my treatise, poem and song in praise of the lofty heights and fathomless depths of love...

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Note: Clicking the pointing hand (like the one at left, and which you’ll find at the bottom of every page of this letter) will take you to the next page of the letter, or, alternat­ively, you can use the “thumb tabs” at the side to jump between chapters.

It is recommended, of course, that one read all the pages in order, as the entire work is meant to be read as a whole and has been designed to flow natur­ally and progress­ively from one page/chapter to another, from beginning to end, Prologue to Epilogue... and beyond...

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