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Correspondence from Ron Koster to Rosa Peña (2004-11-08)

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Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2004 15:17:15 -0500

To: rosa pena <[email address withheld]>

From: Ron Koster <[email address withheld]>

Subject: Re: Rosa Irene Peña about the book inglés técnico 1 copyright authorization

Cc: [email address withheld]

Hello, Rosa!

Thank you for your email, and for your interest in my writing. Unfortunately I don’t have MSWord, but I tried opening the file in WordPerfect, and although it didn’t format very well (it was a mess, actually!), I could at least see what it was that you’re trying to do.

As for permission to use that web site in that way, normally I would say no to people who request permission to use my work, but in this case, I do have to say that I think it’s both delightful and an honour that you’d like to use my work for teaching English!

In other words, as long as you provide the appropriate credit/copyright notice, then yes, please do feel free to use that web site in the manner that you showed me! And, of course, I would be very delighted to receive a copy of the book once it’s published. You can send that to...

Ron Koster
[street address withheld]

I understand you had some problems with the banks (or the school “bureaucracy” or something) — I hope you get that all worked out!

Thanks again for your interest, and I do hope everything turns out fine, and I look forward very much to receiving the book (next year, or whenever you manage to get it published)!

All the best,

Ron :)

Correspondence reproduced with permission
from Rosa Peña

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