A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
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A Star for an Imaginary Friend

“I think the Gods
would then surely look
from the Heavens upon you
and confess the divinity of your Soul,
declaring your Spirit
more beautiful than she of Troy,
for whom not a mere Agamemnon
would they command to launch a thousand ships,
but, for you, My Friend,
would they summon hither
   a distant star...”

Star Chart

Like an Imaginary Friend, this star is invisible to the naked eye, though it travels overhead throughout the night every year on and about the 2nd of May.

It is located in the northern constellation of Bootes.

Right Ascension: 
Int’l Star Registry: 
 14h 51m 56s
 48º 12′ 6″
 #6 3477 412

A Star for an Imaginary Friend

A Photo of the Star

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Artwork created from a real shot of the actual star, available as desktop wallpaper in both standard and widescreen versions.

With great appreciation to
The CWRU Warner & Swasey Observatory
for the original data/photo of the star acquired
using the Nassau Station Robotic Telescope,
and for their kind and generous assistance.
Original shot reduced and interpreted
by the author.

Copyright © Ron Koster/Psymon, 1996-2010.
All Rights Reserved.

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