A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
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Complemental Verses by Richard J. Robertson

[transcription below]

Handwritten Poem



for Ron March 28/94

once when i crossed her
or should i say
once when i crossed from this place
to the other
i saw her          perhaps for the first time
i saw her smile          her small disjointed smile
& i thought to myself — i thought is this the smile
one thousand ships & my fear of the dark
launched by her smile — her subtle knowing

once when i sang her name
or should i say once
when she left me sighing
breathing in the same air
once when we were here as you are now
once i thought or thought to sing
her praises

& now it is i who lay
waste to so many dreams
based in & around my being
i lay waste to her name
& my voice’s sweet singing

1st Draft

Copyright © Ron Koster/Psymon, 1996-2010.
All Rights Reserved.

Earth: Winter Grounds
Air: Spring Breeze
Fire: Summer Heat
Water: Autumn Mist
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