A Letter To My Imaginary Friend

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A moment in your company, if only with your distant voice to share a few brief but gentle words, fills my Soul with thoughts of the essence of all exist­ence, of Creation and all Eternity. I breathe in a sigh of relief, and as each inspir­ation brings renewed life to me I find my entire being com­pletely sated with a universal kind of Love. My heart swells with a warm glow from deep within, a virtual lum­ines­cence of my Spirit, the radiance of which sustains me through this void, this cruel and empty uncer­tainty of all that lies before me in time, and before me in space. Your presence in my life is the candle that lights my way through this darkness, this journey through the under­world, this place where I shall be con­front­ing demons from without and within, a trial greater than any encoun­tered before in this life; and yet conquer those demons I must, it is a sacred purpose for which I have come this far and left so much behind, for there is a greater power which has brought me here to redis­cover a Soul once thought so very lost, and another Soul grown weary ’fore its time which on its way I now must send.
        But if I could, My Friend, if you would, I would come back for you in the end...

Until I hear your angelic whisper
so near in my dreams, once more, from this afar
I here remain
Your Special Friend,


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