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From 1996 (this website’s début) until 2007, I provided a guestbook for my visitors and readers to sign — here you will find all of the wonderful submissions which I received over that more-than-a-decade period (sadly, I had to shut it down due to the abuse of spammers).

Rose Ornament

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 1996–97

What did she say? That which is described steps out of the imagination and into our lives, when it speaks for itself, and surprises us.

Sedra Ranae (e-mail: freckles@e-z.net)
Vancouver, WA, USA
November 10, 1996

You have a beautifully designed site. Thanks for sharing.

Chas Fischer (e-mail: echott@washington.sbceo.k12.ca.us)
Santa Barbara, CA
December 9, 1996

The letter was wonderful, expressed many thoughts I have had. It is truly a celebration of love. But, can love like that ever be found or is it only a mirage that disappears the closer we grow to it?

Dawn Walters (e-mail: Dawnnell@ix.netcom.com)
Memphis, Tn USA
January 7, 1997

That was a very beautiful story

Babette A. Miller (e-mail: babette@alaska.net)
Anchorage, Alaska 99504
January 8, 1997

We bring to life what has been given us by others. My life has been blest by kindness from friends and blessings from the Holy Spirit. I believe in love that is all embracing and soulful. The happiness I seek comes from fully giving myself to another and being loved for who I am.

Terri Hannan (e-mail: tahannan@epix.net)
Geneva, New York
March 31, 1997

The letter is truly lovely, what else can one say? Very spiritual, very romantic. Romantic...that is the word...so much can be gleaned from romance. Thank you for it.

Wilma Doan (e-mail: wilmad@n-jcenter.com)
Daytona Beach, Fl U.S.
April 1, 1997

So sweet, to find, a kindred soul as such,
who takes the time, to feed such a one as I
uplifted in blessing I rest, held aloft by imagination and beauty presented lovingly, with such a careful hand.


Erika Ginnis (e-mail: erika@aa.net / home page: Inspiration is the In-Breath of Spirit)
Seattle WA USA
April 29, 1997

Ron, Your letter struck a chord with me. You know what it is to not posess your object of desire. I have learned to live with love being just out of reach. My passion is overflowing. “This kind of certainty comes once in a lifetime”.

Karl, Kim’s Soul Mate (e-mail: krpcentury@aol.com)
Southeastern Mass
May 24, 1997

I’m speechless at the moment <smile>

Kelly (e-mail: dabunnie@aol.com / home page: ANGELS AMONG US)
Scotts Valley, CA
June 13, 1997

This is a beautiful site, both in words and appearance. Love it!

Lollie McLain (e-mail: mslilly@swbell.net / home page: Advice on Romance, Sex, Marriage & Commitmentphobia)
Tahlequah, OK
September 2, 1997

Where have you been all my life? <VBG> What beautiful, romantic pages. And I think *I’m* a romance writer....phew...you got me beat. :))

Michele Janine Johnson (e-mail: mdjcpa@usit.net / home page: Michele Janine Johnson, Romance Writer)
Jackson, TN
October 10, 1997

A Letter To My Imaginary Friend - DreamCatcher Ron has written in this letter some of the most captivating prose it’s ever been my pleasure to read. These words soar like stars. Is it real or mirage? Who knows? But I do know, this is the stuff of every romantic’s dreams.

Rebecca Vinyard (e-mail: romcen@mail.gte.net / home page: Romance Central)
Allen, Texas
October 11, 1997

wonderful site...brings to mind my first love...and the emotions that came with that expierience. you have truly done a fantastic job, wonderful writing. keep up the great work!

Phoenix (e-mail: akendall@usa.net / home page: The Voice of the Phoenix)
Northern CA
October 14, 1997

What a tool the internet is to bring us kindred souls together. Your Letter to an imaginary friend could have been penned to my soulmate. How exactly it sums up the emotions of wanting so desperately what you can’t have. Must love be tragic to have meaning?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 28, 1997

What a beautiful beautiful page..... *smile*..... Thankyou.....

Angel (e-mail: angel@hartingdale.com.au / home page: Buddy and Angel’s Homepage)
Sydney, Australia
November 15, 1997

I always enjoy your site tremendously. You have a great deal of talent that is both pleasing to the eyes and the heart! Continue your wonderful work....take care and be well.

Brynn (Jeni41) (e-mail: brynn@compunet.net / home page: Jeni’s World)
November 19, 1997

in our country we do not have much material for romance. i loved your site.

bobby (e-mail: sandeepchopra@hotmail.com)
bombay, india
November 28, 1997

I think I’m in love with this website. The words are so inspiring and heart warming. Thanks and I look forward to visiting again!

Errol Solomon (e-mail: ns36@pixie.co.za)
Cape Town, South Africa
December 2, 1997

superb!!!!! page

Ian Atupan (e-mail: ian_atpn@hotmail.com / home page: Home is home is homE)
Nasipit Agusan del Norte 8602, Philippines (South East Asia)
December 3, 1997

I think you are a gentleman of serious talent. I am equally impressed and moved by your words, concept and design sense. In the latter you exhibit a real sensitive skill in the selection of technologies for your site that remain cohesive, consistent and sophisticated. As for your concept, what a wonderful and therapeutic (I am a social worker) means to continue/live out/? the emotional reality of a relationship that no longer exixts in fact. I think that in a time when, in my opinion, relationships are encumbered and challenged by expectations that are far removed from their capabilities to provide and so dissolve prematurely, your words show what was lost, in at least one case.

Mark Zilberman (e-mail: misterz@ix.netcom.com / home page: http://pw2.netcom.com/~misterz/mzilbres.htm)
New York City
December 6, 1997

WOW... I think that’s all I can think of to say about your page... wow...

Caryn (e-mail: cnc.brat@mailexcite.com / home page: Caryn’s Stuff)
Austin, Texas
December 16, 1997

In Response to Guyléne
and Her Admission of Love

Again, it is the simple things
the sound
of a bee buzzing
or a songbird
as it flaps its wings

the simple things
that move us
to tear or worst terror

the dark
of a winter night
and the fleeting light
of a long ago fallen star

yeas dear - we move
in subtle circles
from which we may ascend
or forever spiral


Garcia Lorca (e-mail: lorca@hotmail.com)
December 17, 1997

Thank you for such a remarkable experience. The sweetly metaphorical style of Nineteenth Century Romanticism is something one doesn’t find every day on the Internet. Your story is sincere and touching. Well worth the time needed to absorb the rich flavor of its narrative.

Terry Christian (e-mail: tmchristian@juno.com)
Naples, Florida
December 21, 1997

Very lovely words. Thank you for the wonderfully compiled romantic letters and poems. I think I have been given a romantically-filled head start on a hopefully beautiful relationship with someone in my life I consider richer than gold!

Chris Roberts (e-mail: chris.roberts@thegym.net)
December 24, 1997

This was the most wonderful thing I have ever read.

Keisha King (e-mail: KeishaJ@webtv.net)
Sparta, TN
December 26, 1997

It was indeed a great help to verbalise my feelings with a friend of mine. She is My E-mail friend. We havn’t met yet. She lives miles away from me. We talk over phone though. Both of us are married but, what we have discovered in each other can be best to words with help of your Letter. I hope it goes a long way in our relationship.

I was highly impressed with the script !


Vijay (e-mail: Vijay4u@hotmail.com)
December 26, 1997


Pat (e-mail: RacinYank@aol.com)
December 28, 1997

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 1998

I feel as if I have been transported into the 19th century and seen into the very heart of desire for the ineffable.

Ann Woodlief (e-mail: awood@vcu.edu)
January 9, 1998

A lovely letter to a lovely friend. Makes me remember letters I have written to make-believe friends

Vera (e-mail: Grannt8371@aol.com)
Indiana USA
January 14, 1998

Beautiful and original, passionate, refined. Intriguing.. I’ll be back when i’m awake.

Anne Doucette (e-mail: LifeTone@hotmail.com / home page: Cyber Coffeehouse)
January 18, 1998 (2:33am)

I was just wondering if you really wrote that yourself? If so then I wanted to compliment you on your astonishing capibility to write. It is beautiful. I myself am not a writer, however I love to read. Please e-mail me back and tell me if its your work.

Bri (e-mail: bananacarrott@hotmail.com)
January 18, 1998

WOW! I loved this, I wish I could write like that! I would love to know how to use a background like you have! Thanks

Shannon (e-mail: taylor@netpathway.com / home page: Shan’s World)
January 26, 1998

Language is so very powerful. I am completely breathless... Thank you, so very much... the journey has been magnificant!

Stacey Anne (e-mail: Jazzgirl 0@aol.com)
February 18, 1998

very nice

Elaine (e-mail: Brneys88@aol.com)
February 21, 1998

hi!! this is a great story.. and i like your page. =o) keep it up!

Leilyn (e-mail: hawaiiperl@aol.com / home page: Leilyn’s playhawse)
February 22, 1998

I never dreamed such exquisite and precious writing existed here in . . . well, Cyberland.

You have made my day!!

Ron (e-mail: RonaldKarl@aol.com / home page: don’t have one yet)
Southwestern Connecticut
February 24, 1998

HI,Goodluck to the rest of your life. Enjoy the short life span we have and make the best out of it.

Li Rongyao (e-mail: rongyao@mbox3.singnet.com.sg / home page: Haven’t Really Decide.)
February 25, 1998

Exquisitely written. Thank-you for sharing.

Valerie Axland (e-mail: emrLd ice35@aol.com)
Citrus Heights, Ca
February 26, 1998


Tatum3 (e-mail: purple@innocent.com / home page: I’m a cow...moo)
The mid-atlantic
February 26, 1998

The letters and poetry was lovely. The words speaks for themselves.

with all my best wishes

Praveen Bhambani (e-mail: p-bhambani@usa.net)
New Delhi, India
February 27, 1998

I loved your letters you put a lot of feeling and love into them, and much deep iner thought that only comes from ones heart, and you also give me the feeling of someone who has expireanced. The feeling of True Love that We all so much would like to find.

Bob Schnitger (e-mail: bob.schnitger.b6fi@statefarm.com / home page: statefarm.com)
South Dakota, But Live in California
March 6, 1998

i love ur page very much

claudia (e-mail: fgln@rocketmail.com)
March 26, 1998


March 28, 1998

This is one of the most beautifully designed sites I have ever seen. Thank you for making it!

Sandy Michelle Williamson (e-mail: Dandy_Sandy@hotmail.com)
April 6, 1998

Truly blessed are those fortunate enough to be enchanted by such a vision of beauty and love... or to be embraced by one who could envision such enchantment... if only in their minds eye.

crystal bloom (e-mail: c.s.bloom@usa.net)
wisconsin usa
April 8, 1998

I loved your site very much...
it was sent to by a friend.
I truly enjoyed it...
It says it all ... with
Much beauty and love from the
soul and mind...

Diane (e-mail: ourown@pacbell.net / home page: ShhhLadyDi)
April 11, 1998

Absolutely captivating...(sigh)

elaine (e-mail: belaine@earthlink.net)
rhode island
April 15, 1998

I really enjoyed your letters. You must have put alot of effort into those, and they are very good. All they need now is a name to go on the front.

monty (e-mail: skydive37@hotmail.com / home page: dont have one)
April 22, 1998

Great Works! Go ahead!

Douglas Tseng (e-mail: wisdomz@hotmail.com / home page: http://gwu.edu/~zhihua)
April 25, 1998

your home page is very beautiful and it so romantic in sense

albert castillo (e-mail: alvincastillo@hotmail.com / home page: dont have one)
May 1, 1998

In friendship there is comfort and
Encouragement to gain..
And it is quite the same as an..
Umbrella in the rain..
It guards against the stormy sky..
It keeps the tears away
...And it is there to help you bear
The burden of your day
A friendship never leaves your side
If it is tried and true..
For it is something you have won
And it belongs to you

Shikhar Vora (e-mail: dipan@giasbmc.vsnl.net.in / home page: http://www.wizzotech.com)
May 5, 1998

The story is really great and touching to me. I’ve just got an “invisible friend”through the internet and we are getting with each other so well, oh God, I hope that we can have such a great story as well

Keith Yip (e-mail: kranger@netvigator.com)
Hong Kong
May 8, 1998

I needed this today! ...a little romance in a world of hard and fast. Thanks for sharing your aloha, kj

Karen (e-mail: kj@pacislands.com / home page: Pacific Island Investments)
Hawaii and the Pacific islands
June 2, 1998

Beautiful! I loved the letter.<s>

Szandra (e-mail: detektiv@hotmail.com)
June 6, 1998


Roy Preston (e-mail: preston@lds.co.uk)
June 16, 1998

There is not one moment That I would Miss to give everything that I have to spare to spend the time in your WEB.

Count Vikram (e-mail: dvikram@hotmail.com)
June 23, 1998

this is beautiful.......

Barbara (e-mail: finalli@AOL.com / home page: Barb’s Garden)
June 23, 1998

I love your site and just wanted you to know I’m adding a link to you on my site. I’m just beginning, and learning as I go, but I’m sure I’ll get there. Keep up the good work!

Brenda (e-mail: sumbunnyelse@yahoo.com / home page: Sumbunny’s Home Page)
Lee’s Summit, MO
July 25, 1998


Your Letter To An Imaginary Friend is beautifully written. What a gift you have in writing! I found your story to be such enjoyable reading. It is so romantically written!
Thank you so much for sharing you words with the rest of us that only dream of writing and expressing ourselves so beautifully.

De (Doris Evelyn) (e-mail: Catladyde@aol.com)
New Britain, CT
August 12, 1998


I love your web site. I do like to read the letter, something like “after making love”. I am try to let my girl friend to know how happy I am, for me, Chinese, it is hard to write in English. Both of us can read and uderstand English well.

Do hope your web site can have this kind of letter. Otherwise, would you please show me where can I read such article?

Passion letter? Sexy Letter and etc.

I love all of you.


John Chiang (e-mail: john-chiang@usa.net)
Taipei, Taiwan, China
September 5, 1998

It’s Wonderful!!!!!


Adriano Costa (e-mail: ahcosta@iname.com)
Brazil - Sao Paulo
September 24, 1998

you can find love everywhere but true love is hard to find

shahrizam (e-mail: sethmessanger@hotmail.com)
September 30, 1998

I fell in love with this story. It was really touching.

Brandy (e-mail: brandy19@msn.com)
Loudon, Tennessee
October 19, 1998

What a tender romantic spirit you must have! Either that or you can pretend awfully well. It is special. I NEVER spend time in homepages like this - but I copied every word so I can share it with friends who don’t have computers to look at it on. This was special - the words and the accompaning pictures.
Thanks! cmd

Delia (e-mail: reizodc@aol.com)
October 19, 1998

I am speechless...This is one of the most romantic letters I have ever read! What a pleasure.....thank you so much for sharing.

Cheryl (e-mail: cher@iolinc.net / home page: Cheryl’s Garden)
West Virginia
October 27, 1998

From one who treasures the companionship of her imaginary friends. That was simply beautiful

Maria Coppock (e-mail: flrtygrl@prontomail.com / home page: unfinished)
Spring hill, FL
October 30, 1998

I only hope to find a love that will think of me in this way some day...I would only be so lucky to have God send me someone so beautiful inside! Great job Ron.

Heather (e-mail: MandHGill@aol.com)
November 1, 1998

I think you have been reading too much of Nabokov my lttle Ronnie. But I do admire your mastery of the English language in all its meaty tenderness. Thank you, sir.

November 6, 1998

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 1999

I am15 so I am just in part one. You may have written this to be imaginary but never before have i seen such truthfulness and honest love. Part One seems so real in my life.
Thank You for you openess

Marisa (e-mail: QueTnum1@aol.com)
January 24, 1999

I have not yet gone through the letter, but from the bits and pieces that I have managed to read while taking printouts, I am sure the page is great....needless to say, I think my girlfriend will have a great day when she reads this...

In your case, it was imaginary...however, I will take assistance from your letter and send her one myself !!

Great !!!

Anupam Adeeb (e-mail: anupam@wipro.co.in / home page: DON’T HAVE ONE AS YET)
New Delhi (INDIA)
January 31, 1999

I am just diong a science project on the bootes and you apeared

Kiannah parks (e-mail: truman middle school)
fontana, ca
February 17, 1999

WOW!! The world today needs so much more of this honesty and depth of meaning. It hits so close to home for me because I felt that desperation for such a long time,wondering if I could possibly stand NOT being with my soulmate. I had learned that a heart can actually HURT from not being able to be with someone. I never thought we’d be able to be together...but life or fate and/or God took care of things (a very long story)and we are now together! I know you have heard the saying..“be careful what you wish for,you just might get it”..well, we now believe in that. I LOVE this site and know that it will be one that I visit often. Thank you Ron! You are so talented!

Anita (e-mail: ribro@webtv.net)
March 5, 1999

a wonderful letter

jenniffer (e-mail: whitewav72)
March 26, 1999

i apologize for criticizing your ending, but love does exist...i have found it... it may hurt at times, but when you have found what i have found.. in laura(we planned to double team you...) you will have true happiness

shanan (e-mail: str8jaket1@hotmail.com / home page: none)
April 2, 1999

Love is true, it exists, and it can be a beautiful and miraculous thing as like you wrote, if not more. I have found so in my Shanan. we are a team and the magic will remain forever. It was a beutiful writting, though, and still brought tears to my eyes just the same with the beauty of love and it’s remembrance. Thank you for showing it all, but please, you should not tell people it is imaginary, because it is not. Few who are blessed recieve those wonders and more.

Laura (e-mail: Mocking-bird@aol.com)
New York
April 2, 1999

Beautifully written, I love it now as I did when I first read it over a year ago. I raise my glass in toast.

Michelle (e-mail: chelle1862@vcn.com)
Wyoming, USA
April 4, 1999

Simply a beautiful letter. I wish more people had your depth of emotion and feeling and freedom of expression.
Thank you.

April 6, 1999

You so eloquently wrote this marvellous piece that I had to sign your guest book. I NEVER sign guest books, because I feel they are a waste of time. You’re the creator of the first and only internet site that has affected me in all of my “web surfing” years. And I do mean years. The site is excellently designed, but more importantly is the graceful and wonderful content!

Eddy (e-mail: undefined_@hotmail.com)
April 13, 1999

This is quite lovely,...it takes me back to the feelings I felt for someone once....

Jade l’Archibudelli (e-mail: SickTwat@BellSouth.net)
New Orleans
April 19, 1999

I just working on my project in the computer so i got this section. i thought it would be cool to come to your web page so i did. just to sat holle and read your letters it’s cool i like it.

bye talk to you soon.

kristine (e-mail: nazif2@yahoo.com)
May 6, 1999

Stright up...that was the sweetest thing I’ve ever read. Pure respect to the guy who wrote it!

Senthooran (e-mail: tggr57@hotmail.com)
May 12, 1999

I am deeply moved by your love letters. You’re doing a lot of services to mankind by sharing your knowledge. Thank you and may god bless you!

Randy (e-mail: randyin@usa.net)
May 14, 1999

only need one word ; beautiful

paulina tjandra (e-mail: pauline_tw@yahoo.com)
jakarta - indonesia
May 16, 1999

My fey friend,
You are a spirit chained to the earth by your desire, dreaming the etheric realms into words and pictures for those of us who are most carnal, oblivious, chained to our souls, endeavoring to obliterate our vision in order to dwell more effectively in maya, samsara, who don’t even want to dream their way out.

Jill Bell (e-mail: jill@jillbell.com / home page: Jill Bell’s Cyberstudio)
Los Angeles
May 24, 1999

I have never seen, read, heard, or felt anything like this in my life, here on earth or back on Mars... this letter can become real, so real, but only to someone that can feel real love... and it has become real to me...

Your letter took me on a journey through the emotional spectrum and depth of my soul, as I read it, re-read it, and recited it at the pond...

In appreciation that cannot be expressed in a language known to me, I’ll simply repeat these words of yours... as they echo in my heart...

“But if I could, My Friend,
if you would,
I would come back for you in the end...

Until I hear your angelic whisper
so near in my dreams, once more, from this afar
I here remain
Your Special Friend,
Forever... ”


June 11, 1999

Just browsing.

Eric (e-mail: enichols@aicon.net)
June 13, 1999

I have no words to describe the experience or my thoughts while reading this letter. I can only say that I have lived ( am living ) what you have written and felt almost every word. Truly beautiful. I can only hope that one day I would have the courage to bare my soul and share my true feelings the way this letter would inspire me to do in a perfect world.

Mike (e-mail: mike@mailgate.net / home page: MightyMail :) Company Project :))
Johannesburg, South Africa
July 6, 1999

I too have a soulmate and we love this passage.......
Connected by an angel’s ribbon,
that when we look up to the moon,
and gaze into the heaven’s light,
We see them with the same eyes.......

Karen (e-mail: jentltuch@aol.com)
July 25, 1999

THis has to be the best website i have ever visited

Dana (e-mail: Maricogs@aol.com)
New Jersey
September 1, 1999

Absoultley beauitful!!!

Denise (e-mail: RosebudAFA)
September 8, 1999

“..I may sing till the end of time;
trying to describe your face—
  but I’ll always sound mute. How can a person talk straight
  when he is in love?
How can a person walk straight
  when he is drowning in this wine-filled ocean of yours?”

final verse— Ode 2138
trans. by Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva
  A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi
Bantam Books, 1992

Robert Vahey (e-mail: vaheyr@pattonville.k12.mo.us)
Defiance, Missouri
September 17, 1999

your website is so touching one of the most beautiful sites i have visited|^_^/ missbrimzz

missbrinzz (e-mail: missbrinzz@hotmail.com)
September 18, 1999


Noor Syahidah Abd Wahab (e-mail: fantagiro8@hotmail.com)
September 23, 1999

damn wish parents were home so I can ask them their adress!! coffee anyone (~~)?

fair oaks
October 06, 1999

Like to make friendship..?

Amit (e-mail: patwardhanamit@yahoo.com / home page: Yahoo)
Bombay (India)
October 22, 1999

I came across your URL in TYPO-L; which I just recently joined. Your “letter” is a beautiful work of art and you should be justly proud. You have brought together all the elements of style; design and taste which make this an exquisite piece. I only hope that you have someone in your life to give all this wonderful emotion and feeling to.

Al Mardeuse (e-mail: alm@javanet.com)
October 23, 1999


I enjoyed every line of the feelings of your heart, mind and soul in describing the love, affection, kindness, lust and all the good feelings one can have towards someone whom they cherish in love and romance.

I have felt all these in one form or another, more like images in a kaleidoscope, with one image fusing into another. You have articulated this extremely well.

I thank you for making this world a good place to live and reinforcing my opinion that there is a lot of goodness around and good people around.

I wish you good luck in achieving these dreams.

Vish Yarasi

Vish Yarasi (e-mail: vish_yarasi@adc.com)
Indian settled in the USA
November 14, 1999

thank you for your friendship

Brian (e-mail: shippen@nascr.net)
November 19, 1999

I did a search for soul mates, because I think I may have met mine and I found this site. I can’t believe how you expressed what I am feeling at the moment. Beautiful words, that uplifted and moved me. A beautifully presented expression of love. It can happen and is incredibly powerful when two like souls meet. Wish me luck!

kate (e-mail: kated30@hotmail.com / home page: na)
Sydney, Australia
November 24, 1999

Thank you. :)*

Ted Johnson (e-mail: TJoh431555@aol.com)
November 28, 1999

I am definitely putting this in my favorite places. Isn’t this what we all wish to feel for another and to feel returned to us? Those who have found such joy are very blessed. I think when we awaken we will find we all love each other deeply.

Thank you for a lovely site!

Glenna (e-mail: NoRealHat@aol.com)
November 29, 1999

much to say,,,no words to express
thank you*

kideka (e-mail: kideka@aol.com)

November 30, 1999

How ironic and tragic that Ron’s love shall ever be unrequited, such beautiful words should have the power to move entire worlds. Every moment of my remaining existence will contain thoughts of sublime gratitude that my Donna is every bit as real as I, hopes that the words I have sent her, though pale by comparison, have touched her as no others have. Love is Eternal...

Federal Way, WA
December 02, 1999

That was lovely.

BluzyGal AKA Janey (e-mail: BluzyGal@aol.com / home page: n/a)
Bradenton, Fla
December 02, 1999

This letter defines the word Love - and i’m overwhelmed each time i read it. Thank you for so eloquently putting into language what has been waiting forever in my heart to be expressed. As if by fate, i discovered this letter at the precise time i found this Love. To you, Terry...i send all these words.

Midwest, USA
December 03, 1999

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2000

You’re piece of writing has a magnificent place in my mind.
It touched every one that I have shown. You should write a book......

matthew (e-mail: chris@idx.com.au)
Australia,blue mountains
January 02, 2000

this is cool

January 21, 2000

Fate and destiny have such a strange way of appearing in one’s life in unexpected moments. How do we know it is such? When a small tear begins to form in our innermost eye? When we hear the faint murmur of recognition tugging in our hearts? When synchronistic sign posts come as words, thoughts and images beckoning us closer? Or is it the uncanny feeling of being known and having shared experiences on the deepest level? Perhaps this love so intended by fate, was not meant for mere mortals, those whose gentle but trembling hearts quiet their fears and turn away. Yet, hope is a bird...

Patricia (e-mail: rsapak@rohmhaas.com)
Hatfield, Pennsylvania
January 22, 2000

This sight is so awesome, tells it (LOVE) like it is.

Karen (e-mail: callie_1_2_3@yahoo.com)
January 26, 2000

We must have been given the same imprint before coming into this lifetime. The story echoes my own experience with my twin flame. I know I was led to it today. It’s what I know he would have said to me if he could have in this lifetime...before he passed on. It’s almost exactly what I wrote to him nearly eleven years ago and once spoken of, never mentioned between us again. Thank you for this.

February 15, 2000


An inspiration which just has to be from out of this world.


~Greensleeves~ (e-mail: GreensleevesUK@aol.com)
February 19, 2000

Wonderful!! Hopeful, insipirational msg.
Bright blessings and much love

Carole (e-mail: skcee@excite.com)
living in Saskatchewan
February 22, 2000

I accidently fond this web page, but I am moved by your writting and thank you for writting these pieces, they were very moving.

Justin Brannon (e-mail: Justin_Brannon@Hotmail.com)
Missoula, Montana
February 28, 2000

A very lovely story especially the ending. So It was all a neptunian dream, and you fancied her rotten until the intrusion of that irritation “physical reality” failed to do it’s duty as well as you head and imagination played it’s part. Wonderful obssession though, and did you have imaginary sex that was so potent that it might have been real? P.S - I’m not middle aged, and /i’m trying to turn my obssession into reality at the minute - the looking for love part was a litttlehokey kokey jokey. Thanks, Bridget

bridget (e-mail: bridiehayden@hotmail.com)
March 17, 2000


March 22, 2000

By part 3 my heart was beating faster!:)

jennifer (e-mail: jjs@townsqr.com)
March 24, 2000

To Imaginary Friend             I Think your Letters Are SO Beautiful.   I Feel SO Inspire OF Your     Beautiful                     Words                         ThankYou   Molly Rogers.

Molly Rogers (e-mail: Sleeping Willow12@cs.com)
Sacramento, Califorina
March 28, 2000

i read your arical it was great and ejoy them a lot.

keep good work and good trck.

Dawood (e-mail: bedal6@hotmail.com)
April 05, 2000

beautiful,beautiful letter.

keely (e-mail: onesickgirl@yahoo.com)
April 18, 2000

I enjoyed reading the letters because they reflect into my life.It’s very spiritual, very romantic,and very beautiful.I could close my eyes now and picture myself on the letter. Thank you for sharing this woderful thoughts.

arty (e-mail: matrix_3164@yahoo.com / home page: freelane)
May 12, 2000

Dear Ron,

I’ve read through your letter several times. Oh...as a woman, how I longed to be your imaginary friend yet as a spiritual being I know that I am. Reading through your guest book it becomes clear that you’ve captured all our hearts. We are all slighty aware that when we turn from fear the mirage shall become the oasis we all seek. I hope that if your friend exists, that you’ve shared this with her, no matter the circumstances! Thank you for your gift of written words and bringing us lucky souls together who understand that true enchanted love lays just beyond. Stay safe and warm, love and light. Melody

Melody (e-mail: innerlove@excite.com)
Vancouver, Canada
June 12, 2000

This is beautiful, Ron. You have touched my soul. Did you know “enchantment” means surrounded by music? Thanks for sharing.

Jean C|:)

Jeanie Beanie (e-mail: jbaker@compuserve.com / home page: More than you want to know about Dave Baker)
July 07, 2000

thank you for gifting me with this beautiful letter. i love you darling...very very much.


July 07, 2000

The most beautifull words of love that I have ever read, and I do read a lot. It is an inspriration to all those who are still lokking for that very special person as well as those who have already found that special person.

Mare (e-mail: mare@mighty.co.za)
Cape Town, South Africa
August 07, 2000

One gets quiet by your writing, at ease, comforting... thank you.

Bart (e-mail: bart.lekens@chello.be)
August 23, 2000

Dear Ron,

What a romantic delight you have created. I love the real feeling of book, the way the pages turn, and the corners curl. I enjoyed reading your text.

My only reservation are the drawings/illustrations which are, for my taste, a bit “clip-art” and leave something to be desired.

I am a book artist and saw your site on the Book Arts List.

Alice (e-mail: apeachw96@aol.com)
New York
September 11, 2000

You are such a natural at writing things like these. I believe you should try writing more of these kinds of compositions. I was really amazed by the way you have put these feelings of yours into words. I could really relate with you’re writings. I hope I find someone who could make me feel like the way you’re imaginary friend made you feel.

William Berou (e-mail: w_berou@yahoo.com / home page: I am a Rock I am an Island)
Manila, Philippines
October 04, 2000

great letters!

October 15, 2000

I thought I was good at all the romantic aspects of love. You inspire in me a love so deep, so powerful that it overwhelms my every thought. Thank you for sharing it.

arthur liquigan (e-mail: asliquigan@aol.com)
October 23, 2000

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2001

I can’t help but feel envious of your “Imaginary Friend”....I hope that she has the good fortune to materialize for you in this life and in all the ones to follow!

Dana Jenson (e-mail: danajenson@hotmail.com)
Gig Harbor, Washington
March 19, 2001

cool, man, kewl

Bruce Galen Bondy (e-mail: bruce.bondy@state.sd.us / home page: zenpirsig)
Pierre, SD
March 31, 2001

I would like to whrite a book name “The best letter of love”

Mackenson (e-mail: mackenson28@hotmail.com / home page: geocities.com/mackenson28us)
new york
April 20, 2001

This is one of the most beautiful things I have read. Thank you for sharing!

K. Burgett (e-mail: Islegirl72@webtv.net)
Biloxi, MS
May 01, 2001

i cant wait to read the whole thing....

lisa (e-mail: smilen_4_u@hotmail.com)
June 04, 2001

like this good job

kim bunnell (e-mail: kimby46@aol.com)
superior wisconsin
June 17, 2001

Ur poetry and words inspire me. i too love a girl. my best friend. i do not know wut to do becuase i helped her hook up with her boyfriend (another one of my friends) im just totally confused and do not know where to go.

Andrew Rong (e-mail: masterofme@excite.com)
June 27, 2001

Ron, Agony and ecstasy! Pleasures of Pompoir! all rolled in one. You sir, are definately a Master of your craft. I sincerely hope that you will consider writing a collection of Twenty-first Century poems with a Nineteenth flair. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Eraina (e-mail: Eraina007@aol.com / home page: none)
July 01, 2001

I want to thank you for putting so eloquently into words the feelings I carry every day for my love. You have inspired even this lowly cretin to new hieghts of the imagination.

Thank You,
R. Smith

Richard Smith (e-mail: rloneman69@aol.com)
July 04, 2001

well,i didnt get to read it all,but ur homepage is soooooooooooooooooooo great, i love it,
and, would u please add letters from a father to daughter...
pleae..and thanks alot for ur deep feeling...we like it coz it comes from a true heart.

cloud9 (e-mail: gardensoffaith@yahoo.com)
July 08, 2001

i think that’s one of the sweetest most sincierce piece of work i’ve ever read. It really moves the heart and soul for those still searching, and even those who found love

Senthu (e-mail: tggr57@hotmail.com
July 17, 2001

Tho’ the Oasis be nothing more than a Grand Mirage, I must confess of its awesomeness to which I was left speechless.
Truly a work of art!

Elizabeth (e-mail: moonbem99@yahoo.com / home page: ——-)
July 21, 2001

Hi.. I just wanna to say Thank You for being my friend.. I luv ya so much!!!

Cy- Ron (e-mail: coolest@hotmail.com)
August 07, 2001

Greetings from the Kawarthas!
What a super site!
Congrats! Henry David’s my favourite poet/philosopher so, I was browsing (just bought a p.c. 10 days ago!) for his material when, lo! & behold! I came across your site!
Merci beaucoup!
J’adore votre emplacement! Salut!

Jean Lefebvre (e-mail: jlefebvre@kawartha.com)
Born in Ile Perrot, Quebec. Now living in Peterborough, Ontario.
The system cannot find the path specified.


I Think the Gods
would then surely look from heaven upon u
an confess the divinity of u’r soul,
declaring u’r spirit more beautiful
For u my friend,would they summon hither a distance star.

Yhenx Cruz (e-mail: yhenx.com / home page: yen-yen)
Tacloban City
September 11, 2001

Thank you to my friend Joe, who shared this beautiful website with me. HUGS

Christine (e-mail: christine0805@msn.com)
September 18, 2001

i love your site

sunit kumar (e-mail: sunit_ipp@hotmail.com)
delhi ,india
September 28, 2001

Very impressive letters... I have never signed anyone’s guest book, but what can I say except... WoW... Reading them were such delight as well as insightful as to how I can better a relationship... Thanks for sharing...

Gregory (e-mail: mathewsr@2bde.75div.army.mil)
Keystone Height, Florida
September 28, 2001

One can not miss to compliment such great writings of our times;Most inspiring,heart moving and most of all the spirited human openness.
thanks for your being there for those who know the meaning of love and love letter writing.

Peter . k. Tonui (e-mail: pk652001@yahoo.co.uk / home page: http://www.mail.yahoo.com/pk652001)
October 01, 2001

i love the letter to an imaginary friend. i can just feel the love and emotion put into writing such a letter.

Rick (e-mail: bruno_67@hotmail.com)
October 11, 2001

It was so wonderful, and the wonderful lady that sent it to me knows she has My heart and Love.......Thank you Kitten my Love

Tom Nickols (e-mail: Looking4luv50@aol.com)
Greenville SC
October 13, 2001

Ithink your book is woulderful

Victoria lynn Hamlin
November 01, 2001

I am so fond of true and mystical romantic litrature because I love to feel close to my lover in that way

Hemant Patel (e-mail: rajahdrags@msn.com / home page: I do not have one yet)
I am from India by Origin and now living in the United States
November 14, 2001

Hi Ron...very cool
talk to you later..Someone is sending me a message!!!

kevin (e-mail: kevinvision@webtv.net)
November 19, 2001

That is one of the most beautifulthings I have ever read, and it is every girls dream to be the inspiration of something so beautiful!!!

November 26, 2001

Dear Ron,
Please drop me an e-mail. I feel that I must discuss something with you. Your work has touched me on a very personal level, becasue...well...It’s hard for me to explain.
Ron...is this story based (even remotely) on truth?
Were you ever in love with someone who wasn’t there in the physical sense? Someone who wasn’t a ghost, wasn’t an apparition, but existed in some realm of your imagination?
I was.
I would like to compare experiences, becasue I have spend a lot of time researching imaginary friends and I would love to hear your ideas.

echo (e-mail: stygian_eyes@yahoo.com)
December 09, 2001

That is the why in conclusion of this letter I can only confess without explaining and justifying confession by my proofs

helma khalil (e-mail: helma khalil@aol.com / home page: oldheim/human rights)
Munich Germany
December 14, 2001

Very romantic and touching words. Good Job. I Love it!

shumi Khan (e-mail: sumik555@yahoo.com)
Michigan, USA
December 19, 2001

I recently joined the Walden-list on yahoo. I was reading the posts when I came across your post of the link to the psymon site. I thought I would check it out. After reading through many pages, I found your “Letter to an Imaginary Friend.” I cannot tell you what it meant to me to read this piece you wrote. If I said it was inspiring it would be an understatement. I walk and live in a life where it seems I have left some part of me behind. In my case, there seems to be a special someone from my past that I never connected with and never will.(or so it seems) I spend lots of my dreams both at day and at night imagining what it could have been like. Your account mirrors my soul. What I thought was mostly mentionable is that when there is someone like this in our life, the imaginings of what could have been sometimes DO quench our soul’s thirst for the reality of it. I agree that sometimes leaving this person behind feels like it is required to some extent as a design from the Creator. Nevertheless, the musings of what could have been are private and coveted by our psyche and our soul. It is how we survive. Hopeless romantics? No! We are blessed with an imagination that allows us to survive our dark and dreary days! My sincere thanks for putting into words what I feel in my heart on an almost daily basis!

Marie (e-mail: Kewpiemom26@yahoo.com / home page: n/a)
December 27, 2001

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2002

This is a great piece...thanks for touching my heart and revealing the thoughts I knew that were hidden deep inside of me. Keep up the wonderful work!

January 23, 2002

very inspirationl and the suthor is a romantic at heart
he has way with words

chmaraj (e-mail: tcup6@hotmail.com)
January 24, 2002

Very nicely written...

Litin (e-mail: litinch@yahoo.com)
February 10, 2002

you took my breath away in between the tears

angela (e-mail: spirts66@cs.com)
frankfort, n.y.
February 28, 2002

I love this website

Aziz (e-mail: ettadouari@hotmail.com)
March 20, 2002

I hope your book will help me to express my idia in finding a lover

phanha (e-mail: hoach309@yahoo.com)
viet nam
March 21, 2002

To my secret love these and more i have found in you. I couldnt express my feelings any better. It has just confirm my feeling about real love; never thought there was real love; until I found you. Thanks babe for being part of my life.

helen (e-mail: nowne / home page: helen)
March 27, 2002

Very beautiful and interesting,

María Mercedes (e-mail: mmcelsi@hotmail.com)
March 27, 2002

want to be friend with all

toru (e-mail: mostaquimur@yahoo.com)
April 02, 2002

ohh... i dont know what to write...coz... i never seen letters like this.... i dont know how to express my feelings....it’s wonderful......really amazing.....

nirmal (e-mail: seenirmal@rediffmail.com)
April 09, 2002

I like this site.

Madhavarao (e-mail: madhavarao1978@yahoo.com)
April 24, 2002


Ani (e-mail: tanmisti@yahoo.com)
April 24, 2002

I love the story! A great short read.

Timothy (e-mail: tcroak@yahoo.com)
May 01, 2002


ALZ (e-mail: nextprint@rediffmail.com)
May 04, 2002

beautiful writing

lschulz (e-mail: lschulz@sctc.mnscu.edu / home page: rufus)
May 07, 2002

you bring a lovely escape from all the hatred in this cruel world. i stumbled onto this site accidentilly and it has brought a part of me back that i forgot to use. life really is beautiful

gozz (e-mail: divine_origins@hotmail.com)
May 11, 2002

after i read this letter i really feel like expressing myself and doing whatever makes me strong and happy now. the letter is a fresh positive start and good reason to enjoy myself.
this pages are like vitamins for my spirit..THANK YOU

BURCU ISILAK (e-mail: burcuisilak@hotmail.com / home page: lotte)
June 05, 2002

I loved it is so wonderful to read through this inspiring letters

Nasra Al Adawi (e-mail: iamnasra@hotmail.com)
Oman - Tanznai
June 07, 2002

I just wanted to tell you how much I admire your ability to express your emotions. I feel the same way about someone, and I couldn’t explain it until I read your piece. Thank you.

Jennifer (e-mail: Smile Pleeez@aol.com / home page: Smile Pleeez)
Los Angeles
June 08, 2002

You’re just great and it’s simply beautiful.......

June 16, 2002

real good reading

mona (e-mail: mukhtarunisa@yahoo.co.in)
June 26, 2002

WOW, i am speechless. I only wish i had dreams like this, and needless to say, a dream come true.

Lori (e-mail: rsvp2866@aol.com)
July 14, 2002

Ron: After reading the letters, I have to say I am in love with you...

Nelida (e-mail: superdora1@hotmail.com)
July 16, 2002

I send my girlfriend liters about the love?

Muhammad Amin (e-mail: tofan@mul.paknet.com.pk)
July 17, 2002

Absolutely beautiful, makes me wish I had written it as it is everything that is in my heart for my forbidden love.

You have inspired me to tell him how I feel.

Doreen (e-mail: doreeno@ananzi.co.za)
South Africa
July 23, 2002

what a sweet dream. like a wish. hopefully the lady feels the same as ron. hopefully ron isn’t about fun and games. hopeful love such as this exsists.

kami (e-mail: kamikauai55@aol.com)
July 27, 2002

for those who really love to each other are happy.

my name is SU-UD MACBUL (e-mail: www.backs.com / home page: mike)
August 07, 2002


imtiyaz (e-mail: imtiyaz_bjp@hotmail.com / home page: Bijapur)
August 13, 2002

i dont know

Dibakar Sahoo (e-mail: dibakar_sahoo@yahoo.com / home page: HomePAge)
August 16, 2002

i enjoyed reading this. i stumbled onto this today. it was very helpful because i am so very sad over Sept 11 and so uncertain of what’s to come. have loved ones in the service. soo very uncertain what the future holds for all of us. so, i am very glad i stumbled on to this site today. thank you

jeannette (e-mail: goldroses38109@yahoo.com)
September 13, 2002


David Stokes Jr (e-mail: dstokesjr@aol.com)
October 09, 2002

Simply a beautiful letter. I wish more people had your depth of emotion and feeling and freedom of expression.
Thank you.

nachin (e-mail: fornikon@yahoo.co.in)
October 14, 2002

I enjoyed this book very much. It inspired me

Valerie Brown (e-mail: brown_2447@hotmail.com)
Freeport, Bahamas
October 15, 2002

i love raj now she is in calcutta.
i love u very much.
u r my life.

subha datta chowdhury (e-mail: dc_subha@indiatimes.com)
pune india
October 29, 2002

I absolulety loved this “book” the stories and poems touched me. I am looking forward to new material and updates!

Misty Angel N. (e-mail: comet45142@yahoo.com)
November 02, 2002

I know I have already submitted a comment but I just have to say this... Ron you have a rare, beautiful gift. You have such love and compassion inside you that it would be hard for anyone not to fall in love with you. I also feel the same as you do. I didn’t think that there was any “true love” left in this world. The world today is nothing but hate and dissillusioment. To find true love is a challenge for all. It should not be that way. I am with a man who I love so much... I can’t describe my love because it is so great. How can you describe love? how can someone measure the strength and depth of Love? Who really knows what love truly is anymore? To live in this world today brings me great sorrow. It is no life to live without true love. People do not know what that is anymore. I just wanted to say thank you for enlighten my spirit with this letter and poem. Maybe I can find a way to finally express and reveal how I truly feel for the man I love. I have the greatest respect for you. Again thank you.

Misty Angel (e-mail: comet45142@yahoo.com)
November 02, 2002

i’d liked it
n want to b in touch

Ankur (e-mail: ankur_raj_k@yahoo.co.in)
November 02, 2002

I want more!

Dallas, TX
November 10, 2002

Very sweet, very romantic!

Stillwater, Minnesota
November 11, 2002

With love, peace will surround the world

Terry Tobing (e-mail: terrytobing@yahoo.com)
November 18, 2002

great page.

Huq (e-mail: durkhan@hotmail.com)
November 18, 2002

Hey! dad i didn’t know you had a homepage

Raina (e-mail: goody2shoes9521@yahoo.com / home page: n/a)
November 19, 2002

This is the most attractive letter i’ve never read before. It shares a lot of feelings, thoughts. Thank You!

Luc Decoste (e-mail: lucjuniord@yahoo.com)
United States
December 01, 2002

Your letter is absolutely beautiful and it touches my own thoughts and feelings so profoundly. I hope someday all of us are able to experience this first hand and hold on to it for a lifetime!

Rhonda (e-mail: RJWmoon@aol.com)
Lockport, Illinois
December 05, 2002


amjad (e-mail: a_scorpio26@yahoo.com)
December 12, 2002

This collection and webpage is simply superb! never seen such a nice writeup. Really impressive.

Bhamidipati V. Ramana (e-mail: bhamidipati@msn.com)
December 16, 2002

Great!!!!!!!!!! Your letters are absolutely beautiful and it touches my own feelings.

Dusmant (e-mail: dushmant@hotmail.com)
December 19, 2002


juturu (e-mail: ossr_1234@rediffmail.com / home page: sfi)
December 23, 2002

I know just how to whisper
And I know just how to cry,
I know just where I find the answers
And I know just how to lie,
I know just how to fake it
And I know just how to scheme,
I know just when to face the truth
And then I know just when to dream,
And I know just where I touch you
And I know just what to prove,
I know when to pull you closer
And I know when to let you loose,
And I know the night is fading
But I know I’ve got to give it a try
And I know the roads to riches
And I know the ways to pain,
I know all the rules and then I know how to break ’em
And then I always know the name of the game
But I don’t know how to leave you
And I’ll never let you fall
And I don’t know how you do it
Making love out of nothing at all!
Love is a limitless ignorance.
Girl friend is an indefinite tension.

******** Bhabani*******

Bhabani Shankar Nayak (e-mail: sfi_bhabani@yahoo.co.in / home page: A Tribute)
At/Po-Barunadiha, Via-Rajkanika, Dist-Kendrapada, State-Orissa, India-754220, Now, I am in University of Hyderabad.
December 23, 2002

i’m trying to improve my writting ability

charles (e-mail: rllogic@yahoo.com)
December 27, 2002

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2003

After reading your piece, I felt very inspired, thanks for awakening my dreams!!

Patricia (e-mail: plopez@racsa.co.cr / home page: don’t have one)
El Salvador
January 01, 2003

Excellent poems.
Thank you,

January 02, 2003

I am inspired...

Goldie (e-mail: goldie@zum-alten-fritz.com / home page: Goldies DORO Fanpage)
Rostock, Germany
January 02, 2003

Hi! friend I hope our friendship will be forever’

Carmay (e-mail: Carmay_fushigiyuugi@yahoo.com / home page: Carmay)
January 22, 2003

you know what!!? I really appreciated your work!! I like your webpage its kinda cool and nice!! even I didn’t know you I still love your work coz I am a romantic person I like very much letter, stories all about love and friendship.

anjely taton (e-mail: lovingjelai@e-garfield.com)
January 30, 2003

cute poem

Kourt (home page: www.angelfire.com/ok5/kourtney)
January 31, 2003

I like this site very much.

Doug Daugherty (e-mail: doug@bustyourgut.com / home page: 1Heluva.com)
February 13, 2003

Just liked my visit here!

Frank (e-mail: ino@love-sessions.com / home page: Love advice)
February 17, 2003

l love imaginary friend, as a wife,

oyaide (e-mail: ogaga2nice@yahoo.co.uk / home page: ovasco)
February 18, 2003

most pleasant reading in a long time....

a toast to imaginary friends

Moerieda Davids (e-mail: moerieda_davids@hotmail.com / home page: msn)
south africa
February 19, 2003

nice website

Yana Dimitrova (e-mail: azbe@yifan.net / home page: Yana Dimitrova)
nice website
February 22, 2003

great site

Electro Jack (e-mail: electroxjack@aol.com / home page: Violet Ray Wands)
Tarpon Springs Florida USA
February 22, 2003

Very much impressed with the way your site is maintained.
I never imagine such exquisite and precious writing. I really enjoyed your letters.
Thanks for giving such opportunity. I wish you all the success in your future endeavor.

Lakshmikantha.H.C. (e-mail: kantha76@indiatimes.com)
Bangalore, India
March 8, 2003

Beautiful site design...rhythmic passion like distant ocean waves crashing the shore, pound along with strong furious heartbeats...passion rich.

Rebecca (e-mail: beccaann8@yahoo.com)
Elk Grove, CA
March 14, 2003

I was researching, and accidentally got into this web page... the message were so inspiring... thank you... we can be friends though...

gloriven (e-mail: caste_lorie@yahoo.com)
manila, philippines
March 24, 2003

Very inspirational. Continue to do what you do best. God Bless.

Jackie (e-mail: info@ezsmokes.biz / home page: www.ezsmokes.biz)
New York
March 24, 2003

Your work is indeed wonderful. I was in need of a helping hand today. I am so happy i logged on to your web site.

April 15, 2003

Your site is wonderful book !!

Laura J. Dymkowski (e-mail: spider77_1988@yahoo.com)
Clinton, Iowa
May 1, 2003

Just have to say that I found this letter absolutely enchanting. Sounds kinda corny, but I felt each and every word in my heart as my eyes passed over them. I am in a similar situation, so this became very personal for me. I’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Jonathan McKinnon (e-mail: delsinmac@yahoo.com)
May 2, 2003

Your Website is Cool..

MaryL prell (e-mail: Lamontprell@aol.com)
May 21, 2003

I love the book layout of your web site. Thank you for publishing these great words.

Samuel K. (e-mail: nospam@minoxidil4less.com / home page: www.minoxidil4less.com)
May 25, 2003

Very impressive. This is such a beautiful Website. Thank you so much for sharing it.

Levi-Joseph (e-mail: levi@megaemart.com / home page: MegaEmart Virtual Mall & Web Resource)
Lafayette, LA
June 12, 2003

I want to receive a group of letter.

manish (e-mail: shyambhusal@hotmail.com)
June 19, 2003

I’m so glad I read this lovely letter and it reminded me of my friend and lover Jose Padilla. Although we are far apart he will always be with me, right there in my heart!!

Jessie Levandowski (e-mail: foxylady0968@yahoo.com)
June 24, 2003

I really like these they are so beautifull

Terri (e-mail: mpmo45@aol.com)
July 6, 2003

Thank you for this wonderful website.

Roxanne Hunt (e-mail: rhunt@ou.edu)
July 14, 2003

I Love Your Website so much and I wish you Good Luck.

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July 20, 2003

I’m great if i have everlasting friend like you

Miming (e-mail: liana_purnama@yahoo.com)
July 29, 2003

Hey there! I was browsing and realized that I said hello so long ago that all my contact information was out of date. Sooo I wanted to say hello once again and give you what’s current. Keep up the wonderful and beautiful work!

Erika Ginnis (e-mail: erika@inbreath.com / home page: Inspiration is the In-Breath of Spirit)
Seattle WA
September 15, 2003

great web dudes this is glorious thanks for that
regards khan

khan (e-mail: roshan2002usin@yahoo.com / home page: apprelnext.com)
September 30, 2003

You have created something beautiful and new in this life... I really felt that I’m living in 17 or 18e century... You gave new meaning to the relationship and love.. and I think that your letters had opened up a whole new world to us... Hope that!!!
Keep it up and Good luck

Mirna (e-mail: mjammoul@hotmail.com)
October 3, 2003

Cute website :)

Fred Labadie (e-mail: bobaqaqaq@yahoo.com)
New York
October 10, 2003

I have your site looked with large interest

tonkuitert (e-mail: tonkuitert@zonnet.nl)
October 14, 2003

My life’s journey is talked about in your prose, and I discover a glimpse each step on my journey.

Mmmm (e-mail: monty96b.montgomery@us.army.mil)
October 28, 2003

Loved this!

Nicole (e-mail: coles26@hotmail.com)
Sydney, Australia
December 15, 2003

i really like your website its so pretty and imaginary keep up the good work
your trulley
ghada al muhanna

ghada al muhanna (e-mail: iceysnow_2493@hotmail.com)
saudi arbia
December 20, 2003

Not only do I love
Gifts from the sea,
I live it like reality.
Musical waves of emotions
overwhelm like the way
a calm sea cradles a shore
and I am the sand
engulfed in the water
of your hands.

BHABANI SHANKAR NAYAK (e-mail: bsn21@sussex.ac.uk)
December 22, 2003

hi i am me and i am here to say that i have imagenary friends to play with when my friends go away and i am lonly so i just play with my imaginary friends pablo, Penelipe, peter, and pepe

seth (e-mail: Xblondiebabe159X@Aol.com)
December 28, 2003

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2004

What a wonderful writer you are. I wish you would write some more.

new york
January 07, 2004

The words are my life and comforts my soul, the contents of beauty and love. The meaning of my life is simple ... i just desire all of the above.
With all my love from Claire

Claire Hodgson (e-mail: moondustdreamer@hotmail.com)
United Kingdom
January 11, 2004

hello love to know more
in my dreams i dream of being a mistress having many lovers! imaginary lover! in life as we call it we as woman or men that truely belive in the word love sex would be so loked down on!
im a true lover!
debbie tyree

DEBORAH L Tyree (e-mail: diamond252@aol.com / home page: deb page)
Hurricane wva 25526
January 19, 2004

I really like your site!

Ashley (e-mail: astropro@bellsouth.net)
January 28, 2004

it cant explain by words but in action, i was really touched about your works

John Arvin (e-mail: ciolo_11@hotmail.com)
February 4, 2004

there’s a time when people pretending that everything is fine... just for covered unhappiness... but there’s a time people can so opened... cause reality push him to do it.... but we always back to the miracle of love... that sometime people cant see it.... love is the only reason for us to feeling this life.. that so mess!!!

anisya (e-mail: nissa_shinoda@yahoo.com)
February 7, 2004

Very beautiful and inspiring.. I am currently in the same situation as the letter describes.. its a beautifully sad time.. thanks you sure did pluck at my heartstrings

Los Angeles
February 8, 2004

“I’m drinking from my saucer, because my cup has overflowed”

Morning Starr (e-mail: mstarr2u2@peoplepc.com / home page: Classmates.com)
February 25, 2004


janice (e-mail: janiceguy@aol.com)
new orleans
March 6, 2004

1st i wanna say that i am truely moved and touched in lots of places by ur wonderful poetry! i have 3 imagenary friends that have stayed with me through da gd and bad times! i am now 56 yrs old and its my b-day soon! clare, my 1st imagenary child is goin to make me breakfast in bed! she told me so
tnx again, bibi
(joey says hi)

Polly Baker (e-mail: I_smell5776@urmommas.com)
March 31, 2004

Realy i am very exited while reading this letters
thank you

ranee (e-mail: ranbas@rediffmail.com)
April 11, 2004

Hi !
you have a very nice website !

Bernie (e-mail: volker.kuenne@deutschesee.de)
April 14, 2004


April 18, 2004

love to receive the love letters

ezan (e-mail: ezan@pacific.net.sg)
May 2, 2004

this is the most romantic site i have ever come across. thanx for bringing us all this stuff. i hope that u keep on adding pages to your site by which many of us get benefitted. thank you once again

malay (e-mail: malay@hostedindia.com)
September 28, 2004

i found this page while searching for info on twin flames.. i was fascinated by what i read.. made me cry ..in remembrance of my twin flame.... thank you...

shakilla (e-mail: shakilla@ravemail.co.za)
durban south africa
September 28, 2004

Beautiful! Simply beautiful!

Adrianna (e-mail: dawnmichellew@hotmail.com)
September 30, 2004

I like it Most

Anuj Rastogi (e-mail: ar_rpc@yahoo.co.in)
November 5, 2004

i like ur oppininon

ranjit (e-mail: jithesh_rambo@yahoo.com)
india in city delhi
November 9, 2004

I kept this “Letter” for few years now and still go back to read it. Sended it to few of my friends. The reason I still go back and read it is I always find something uplifting, moving.. just great. Thank You
Julia C

Julia Casavant (e-mail: julka1969@yahoo.com)
Orlando, Florida
November 11, 2004

Things left as pieces must me found
Time turns the air
Quiet as sound
Feel that?
Its the way of the world
Feel that?
Its the thinking of the world

I know its just me
living with McDonalds and

I know its just me...........

Goatfoot (e-mail: megoatfoot@yahoo.com)
Santa Cruz
November 21, 2004

Searching some one to to sit behind me not in reality but in dreams too.

Md Moinuddin (e-mail: mdmoin79@yahoo.com)
Delhi (India)
November 24, 2004

I was drawn to this sight not sure how or why... Its magic

Suzan Anderson (e-mail: suzansutton@yahoo.com)
November 29, 2004

Love you

Ani (e-mail: duttanin@yahoo.com)
November 30, 2004

this is very beautiful!!!

Renata (e-mail: rsm2@zipamil.com.br)
December 8, 2004

A very beautiful letter, indeed! Keep up writing and dreaming, Ron! I would follow what my heart leads me to...

hendar (e-mail: existentialia@yahoo.co.uk)
December 30, 2004

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2005

I enjoy reading through this informal place. I will surely visit you again to see if anything new appears on it.
Good luck for the future.

Sweet Sunshine (e-mail: sunny@handylogo1-suche.de / home page: Handy)
January 6, 2005

Very nice, very sweet site... I visit this site when I search keyword “letter to friend” in google-search... Congratulations!

Wojtek (e-mail: vick@autograf.pl)
Bydgoszcz, Poland
January 25, 2005

hello dear .
i like this letter to immaginary friend .

aicha (e-mail: assi_bah@caramail.com / home page: dixinn)
February 6, 2005

My heart sings after reading this. So glad not to be alone in my yearning for this Love. And if I am not alone in this yearning, then my Love is out there too.
Peace be with you.

Alice Despard (e-mail: alicedee@comcast.net / home page: Alice Despard)
Cabin John, MD
February 9, 2005

I have experienced that Love, but sadly for a brief moment. It is now tucked away in my heart and cherished.

Donna (e-mail: troublefromlv@aol.com)
February 13, 2005

Beautiful..... thank you for sharing..... so many feelings..... while reading your letter..... thinking in that love I found in the end of my life.... and that couldnt be.......
Nice soul yours,..... to write something like this.....

Sussie (e-mail: sussieanncc@yahoo.com)
February 14, 2005

It’s great, relaxing and very inspiring thoughts.... God Bless to you... I will surely visit this site again and again ....

Louie Lyn (e-mail: louie_lyn_arcin@yahoo.com)
Biñan Laguna
February 21, 2005


kerry (e-mail: gardenpath35@yahoo.com)
new york
March 3, 2005

superb!!! dramatically superb!!

jhoye (e-mail: jhoyeqt13@yahoo.com)
March 10, 2005

really nice letter

Nahel (e-mail: nahel24@yahoo.com)
March 11, 2005

Whover wrote this... lovely... ’mirage’ has mirrored the image of my soul.... and I truly enjoyed the ride upon this cloud..

saera lin (e-mail: MermaidL@aol.com / home page: The Saerafair Art Gallery)
Peaceful woods high up in Southern Ca
March 12, 2005

It was the best letter i have ever seen.

hana (e-mail: salarkam@yahoo.com)
March 14, 2005

These are simply the most beautiful and romantic stories i have ever read. Thank You

Lou Ann Sebastian (e-mail: lou_seb@hotmail.com)
Lancaster Calif.
March 27, 2005

I felt as though I was reading letters from my friend. I was sure at the end I would discover that he had authored it all. To lay your soul bare and share such beauty is truly brave. Keep writing. You wear it well.

Cassandra (e-mail: cassie@lakemartin.net)
Southern Winds
March 31, 2005

Blessed Be!

Bella (e-mail: WinterNiteShadow@aol.com)
April 4, 2005

Beautiful words, thoughts and expressions.

Maureen (e-mail: mofnn24@aol.com)
New Jersey
April 5, 2005

Really enjoyed reading this letter
yes it suits young lovers in the mordern society we interact to.
Hopefully to get more of this, that it may be shared out to yonng lovers.
thank you so much

Ricky (e-mail: hfd007_ford@yahoo.com)
April 13, 2005

This site simply represents beautiful hidden minds..........

Surendra Harkal (e-mail: surendraaru@yahoo.co.in)
May 1, 2005

Those were some of the most passionate and breathtaking words I have ever experienced

Phyllis Stellman (e-mail: pstellman@swfl.rr.com)
Naples, FL
May 2, 2005

I should simply appreciate the thoughts of the moments which you pen down on these pages. Its awesome.

Jai (e-mail: jaiwardhan007@yahoo.com)
May 11, 2005

Oh Jesus!! Mysterious are the ways of the lord that God create such artists on earth and all like them. In fact I have not seen such a beautiful site in my life..... Hats off to you Sir, I am lucky to come in touch with it... May God, the giver of all gifts shower on your head his choicest blessings........ Carry on

Rajender (e-mail: rajender_nit@yahoo.co.in / home page: Simplyraj)
May 13, 2005

SO extraordinarily BEAUTIFUL--

julie (e-mail: principessabellezza@yahoo.com)
May 27, 2005

Thank you! This story is beautiful and so romantic. I didn’t what to stop reading and i need to read more of your story tell me how.

Maria Curbelo (e-mail: curbelo123@yahoo.com)
New York City
June 18, 2005

What a beautiful site!
I wish to thank you for your efforts and remarkable feats.

ISMAIL (e-mail: mahmoud-ismail@hotmail.com)
August 1, 2005

These are the words that we each long to hear. I have just read part one and I must to my life return, but I have book marked this site to come back to and savour each juicy morsel in a future quite moment. Thank you.

Denise Davis-Gains (e-mail: atlas@gto.net / home page: Atlas & the Amber Monkey Yoga Studio & Store)
Cambridge, Ontario
August 7, 2005

It’s beautiful! And what’s more beautiful is that I actually share this kind of love with somebody... my husband.

Avantika (e-mail: avantika_@rediffmail.com)
August 24, 2005

its awesome hearing d story... it was a heart felt... i love it.

dominic villanueva (e-mail: dreamland73@mailcity.com)
manila, philippines
August 25, 2005

I was so very touched by your discriptions of love, romance, and the depths of connection which true soulmates suffer. I suffer too, and hope as your expressions share hope that I’ll encounter my soulmate also. I feel that I have met him in dreams and accepted promises from his eyes. Night dreams are funny like that, sometimes I remember the important stuff. Sometimes I remember that I am connected to all who dream and to all with spirit to take on the world with smiles though they seek invisible rewards of greater, deeper, spirit.

Bless all the lovers of the world!!

*Love has always been lost

*It can be found

*But only by the lonely wanderers of the soul

*The finders of this love

*Are the keepers of the most gracious gifts in the world

& I penned that at the age of 12 already a believer.

I penned this note at 24 already toting some baggage but ever hopeful.

Terri (e-mail: VibrantLuck@yahoo.com / home page: Where Muse Meets Main)
Magnolia, AR
September 4, 2005

I like it very much.

zillu (e-mail: zillu_rp@yahoo.com)
Dhaka, Bangladesh
September 7, 2005

How can you even expect me to describe the impact this had on my soul and heart? Before this, nothing was perfect... now perfection exists....

You wrote my autobiography! (smile) Thanks a Zillion!!

Zonnytta (e-mail: so_o_o_sweet@yahoo.com)
Jamestown, NC
September 17, 2005

I like this, this is very useful for anyone who use it.
Share your happiness with others are donot tease others. Love is life, donot flurt with others.

Raja Majid Zia (e-mail: rajamajidali@msn.com)
October 3, 2005

Popped by and wanted to say wonderful writing and design. Thanks for sharing.

Z Adam (e-mail: help@grandlover.com / home page: Love Advice)
October 7, 2005

really very nice letters and i like very very much thx my dear host :)

Muhammad (e-mail: sigalaa2002@yahoo.com)
October 16, 2005

yh i really really like your site... its awesome maybe you can write better than writting it!

cheska (e-mail: cheska_galang7@yahoo.com)
October 22, 2005

I simply adored your letter.

I have an imaginary friend, as well, and that letter described almost perfectly the love that he and I share.

I never knew that there were others out there like me, and this made my day a little brighter to know that there -is- other love out there like ours. That kind of love makes the world a better place.

Thank you,


Emma Mills (e-mail: meloNemmmah@clayonline.com)
Lufkin, Texas
October 31, 2005

This story enlighten me how I felt about a friend that I have never met.

Cynthia (e-mail: cynthiajawahir947@hotmail.com)
November 8, 2005

That was beautiful. So sad and so incredibly identifiable for me... I loved it. I too have an imaginary friend whom I care deeply for. It was so great to read something conveying the same emotions that I feel. Thank you for allowing me to read this great letter, it made me shed a tear.

Jonah Heman (e-mail: areallystupidguy@gmail.com)
November 29, 2005

I love reading love letters coz they touch the heart and with them i get the power to write or express myself

Nakul (e-mail: nakul0198@yahoo.com)
December 4, 2005

Simply, magnificent writting. Your words had touch the most sensible fibers of my soul. Keep writting this way. You have a place between the best, as far as I can see.

Mauro Godinez (e-mail: bkr322@cox.net)
December 17, 2005

I luv these poems i wish i had someone to read and/or write poerty like this for me :(

Carisa (e-mail: mosprincess@sbcglobal.net / home page: Da Clef fan page)
December 24, 2005

Rose Ornament

Submissions for 2006–2007

Velmi hezke stranky. Dekuji.
Very beautiful pages. Thank you!

Dusan Ciasnoha (e-mail: ducia@centrum.cz)
Czech republic
January 14, 2006

Beauty is only word that comes to mind after viewing this website.

Kivap (e-mail: kivap@csucsposta.hu)
January 24, 2006

It’s good! Excellent! I can take a lot of romantic letter here!

Michelle (e-mail: michelle_vlyn@yahoo.com)
February 1, 2006

thanks beautiful site

rico (e-mail: enrlque2002@yahoo.com)
February 2, 2006

Fabulous! Site contains all totally lovelable material. Writing for an imaginary friend in such a beautiful way is a damn admirable work!

Subodh Bansal (e-mail: subodh_bnsl@hotmail.com)
February 3, 2006

Absolutely love this!!! So close to my heart... Thank you for sharing!

Christine (e-mail: megigi33@yahoo.com)
February 9, 2006

you have done a great job!
i hope to have some more like this from you.
best wishes for you.

harshit (e-mail: oxygenn_gurl@yahoo.co.in)
February 9, 2006

Hi Ron,
Very beautifully crafted, specially the prose. Unbelievable romance in this age of the world! Exceptionally beautiful . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Tanya (e-mail: sizzlingangel@hotmail.com)
mumbai, india
February 10, 2006

I love it... I seek a love like such...

ana (e-mail: nottinghill_anna@hotmail.com)
July 19, 2006

Hi friends, I’m see on this pages and I think that are amazing.

Blanka (e-mail: carbla@centrum.cz)
Zlaté Hory, Czech Republic
October 2, 2006

Great love story!

Bo (e-mail: bo.chen@sbcglobal.net)
March 26, 2007

I enjoyed every minute over and over again......

Marjorie Berry
Conroe, Texas
May 13, 2007

I have never in my life read anything so beautiful and so true. Please believe me when I say that, I will never forget these words as long as I live. I will read them to my children every night before they sleep, and they will carry this with them, and do the same with theirs. I am profoundly touched, and I do not think I will ever be the same again.

Jennifer McGlone (e-mail: ladybyron88@aol.com)
Newton, NH
September 19, 2007

Rose Ornament


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