A Letter to My Imaginary Friend




Here you will find a variety of supplemental materials for both your entertainment as well as for serious study and research, along with digital downloads to enhance and complement the main literary text for A Letter to My Imaginary Friend. Peruse any that might pique your interest or curiosity — or browse them all!

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Download the eBook

A Letter to My Imaginary Friend is also available for free download as an ebook (EPUB format).


Epiſtyll to ane Imagenarie Frende

Read the entire work in its original(?) colloquial late-Middle English, printed in 1523.


Surviving Copies

Historical manifestations of this literary work.

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A Star for an Imaginary Friend

“For you, My Friend, would they summon hither a distant star...”

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Inglés Técnico

“Ana Belem is in your words...”

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Ye Old Guest Book

From 1996 (this website’s début) until 2007, I provided a guestbook for my visitors and readers to sign — here you will find all of the wonderful submissions which I received over that more-than-a-decade period.


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