A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
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Do you know what I’d like to do? I’d like to just sit with you in a room somewhere and share in a quiet moment of your time —


How silly of me, no...


’d love to be with you in spring­time by the shore of a misty pond, sitting on a log as a choir of crickets and frogs performs our sunrise ceremony, watching a loon yonder beck­on­ing its mate through the cottony wisps, as they all drift silently over the mirrored landscape. I’d love to just sit there with you until the first ray of dawn breaks suddenly through on the horizon, alight­ing upon your face only to reveal the twilight that remains forever a‑twinkling in your eyes, betraying your wondrous secret so sublime.

        I think the Gods would then surely look from the Heavens upon you and confess the divin­ity of your Soul, declaring your Spirit more beauti­ful than she of Troy, for whom not a mere Agamem­non would they command to launch a thousand ships, but for you, My Friend, would they summon hither a distant star, to bequeath an eternal rainbow unto your world, to bestow joy and hope upon your dreariest day, and be a guide for me, forever returning me to you in this life, and every life­time to come.

I would love to just sit there with you, hold your hand in mine and listen to the world just being around us, just as we are... just sit there...

Dedicatio de Novo
ad Anima Ana Belem

Copyright © Ron Koster/Psymon, 1996-2010.
All Rights Reserved.

Earth: Winter Grounds
Air: Spring Breeze
Fire: Summer Heat
Water: Autumn Mist
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