A Letter To My Imaginary Friend
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Water: Autumn Mist


 what I have discovered in you, My Beauti­ful, Beautiful Friend, extends far beyond any super­fic­ial æs­thetic that lesser men have only begun to see in their blind­ness and ignor­ance, merely wishing to possess you for their own as some con­quered orna­ment to flaunt for the envy of stranger or acquain­tance, like the tamed but broken bird condem­ned for a life­time in a cage, and merely for the sin of its God-given allure, the sweet charm of its cheer­ful song. No, I have found in you some­thing so singu­lar and mirac­ulous, something that I should only want to set free, and it is only in that sense and for that purpose that I would love to climb, no, soar! to the greatest Summits of Love and Divine Exper­ience with you in this life.

My Dearest Friend, if circum­stance would allow at this time I would say let us walk together through our exis­tence in this world, let us build a home in the country, raise children and pets, flowers and veg­etables together, let us raise ourselves, and so easily it would seem, to heights that others have rarely even dreamed of. I have learned enough in life to know that I cannot simply grant upon another such a hap­piness, that such is a thing we can only do for ourselves, but I think that together you and I could help each other reveal that greater hap­piness and peace of mind which lies within us all.

The floodgates of my heart are strained in their desire to be opened in your direction; the dam that I have built to keep this reser­voir of affec­tion inside is burst­ing at its seams, and it would only take a few simple words from you to release it with all its power all your way. I think that I would do any­thing to have you here by my side, but if all that I can have at this time is but a dream, a rhap­sodic mirage of what it could be to walk hand-in-hand together with you through life, I think that just might be what will see me through this time of struggle and advers­ity, and what­ever it might be that Prov­idence shall bring for us in time to come.

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